29 MayCommon Website Optimization Mistakes

Website optimization, also known as Search engine Optimization, is the process of making your site friendly to web searchers and search engines. If you have a website you may already be familiar with the process, but there could also be a few mistakes that you are making along the way. Take a look at a few of the common mistakes that people make when optimizing their websites.

A Lack of Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Keywords are very important in seo rank dallas world. You need to have a primary keyword as well as several secondary keywords. A searcher will type in a keyword when they’re looking for a product or service. For example, someone searching for a weight loss product might type this into a search engine. If your site is targeted with these keywords that are being searched for, you will be the website they see in the search engine results.

Poorly Written Content

Not only does poorly written content make customers think twice about you, it also affects the results you will attain in search engine results. seo looks for keywords but quality sites as well. A number of tools are used to determine trustworthy sites, including looking at the content on the page. If your website offers spelling and grammatical errors or other improper writing, it will deeply hurt your site ranking.

Keyword Stuffing

Some people think that keyword stuffing will gain them credibility in search engines, but in fact it is just the opposite. Keyword stuffing is considered a sin in the Google and search engine world and can actually hurt your site far more than you realize. Use keyword tools to ensure that you are properly using keywords.

Using Blackhat SEO Techniques

Blackhat techniques are those used to increase your SEO frowned upon by search engine spiders. Blackhat techniques include using doorway pages, keyword stuffing and others. While they may raise your website rankings for a short time, when they are spotted your site could become banned!

Not using Meta-Tags   

Meta-tags should be included in all of your web pages. Each individual page should be targeted with these 155-character descriptions as well as titles. While not the most important SEO practice it is very important that the meta-tags be created for all of your web pages.

Have you discovered something that you may be doing wrong? Make those changes and in no time you will greatly improve the traffic your website will see.


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